High-class website hosting with instant activation, no need to wait for 24hours for your registered domain name to propagate.

Diatom Shortcode is a Key Player in Communication Solutions… Diatom Shortcode Seeks to further add to its line of Incredible Marketing Tools…. Diatom Shortcode provides Cutting Edge Application and Information technology Service to Harness the Power of Shortcode for Marketing Campaigns and also as a Lucrative Business Model…..

SETUP- We create your own unique short code ready to start taking in messages and earning you money.

ACTIVATION- We liaise with the GSM companies to enable them activate your short code such that anyone who responds can be billed, no matter the phone network they’re using.

With our team of experts, we develop world class mobile apps to suit your specific needs and you do not need to brake the bank to have your own mobile app.

We develop premium quality websites for corporate organisations, event management portals, online ticket sales portal for events, travel agency portals, Car dealer portals for listing, news management portals, online shopping stores, hospital management portals offline and online, school management portal offline and online, University management portal offline and online, Education – Online portal for selling different courses online and more….

We provide premium BulkSMS service at affordable rates with instant delivery to over 750 networks from all over the world.

Diatom Technologies Limited has been in the satellite industry since 2001 delivering Direct to TV installations for Government, Embassies, multi nationals, expertraits to enable them recieve news updates from their home countries, Our highly skilled German trained VSAT & Networking engineers deliver international standard installations of LAN, WAN, double level encryption Hotspots for Estates, Corporate Organizations and more nationwide and all over Africa and our sales team lead by industry experts provide you with the best service to suit your specific needs.

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We develop designs that brings out your brand in the right perspective.

Our team of developers are ready to deliver the best mobile app for your project.

We have on ground the best VSAT engineers and sales team in the country.

We deliver first class web hosting at best prices available anywhere in the country.

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Our services are second to none.

We build and host best developed websites & Apps

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We the best VSAT installations and mobile apps.

We develop the best school and hotel management portals online and offline or online training portal with live stream from the lecturer via webinars or via pre-recorded videos and receive payments via master or Visa cards.

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  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Partnership and Cooperation
  • Integrity
  • Insight
  • Innovation
  • Excellence

Vision It is our vision to be a leading ICT value chain service provider market across Africa. This vision is rapidly becoming a reality as a result of our range of world-class ICT products, presence on the continent and expertise in telecommunications.


We provision connectivity, wide area network, data centre, premise-base and application solutions to maintain enterprises online and enabled.

  • 99.5 network uptime
  • Guaranteed speed
  • Unrivalled network security
  • One-hour onsite response time
  • Unlimited connectivity
  • Presence in more than 40 African countries
  • Best developers in the industry

Partnership and Cooperation

  • We work in collaboration with the customer
  • We share responsibility for achieving customer business objectives
  • We commit ourselves, intellectually and emotionally, to a course of action and we stay the course


  • We adhere to moral principles of honesty and transparency
  • We honour our obligations and commitment to delivering the best solutions to our customers
  • We hold in high regard the assets with which we are entrusted


  • We draw on our history, points of presence, knowledge and experience to address customer needs
  • We have the ability and intuition to understand every business, and identifying hidden challenges
  • We have the capacity to discern the true nature of a situation and deliver the best solution


  • We bring new methods and processes to our customers and to our continent
  • We continuously improve and evolve our performance, processes, and programmes
  • We offer next-generation solutions to meet the customer’s evolving needs


  • We have or have access to best-of-breed product, solutions and delivery capabilities
  • We are experts in ICT and are committed to deliver superior solutions , consistently
  • We have a proven track record and performance ethic that distinguishes us from our competitors

How good we are ?

Website Development(99%)
website Hostings(90%)
VSAT & Networking(98%)
Mobile App Development(94%)
VSAT Installations
Happy clients
Hosted websites
Best Customer Service

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